The State of Oklahoma is implementing a new HR system that will bring modern capabilities to the state. The BrightPath project began in Fall of 2020 and is scheduled to complete in midyear 2022. The project supports the state's progress towards harmonization in HR, making improvements and increasing efficiencies through new technology.

The BrightPath team has chosen Workday, a leading provider of enterprise, cloud-based software applications for human capital management, payroll and talent management. With the BrightPath implementation project, agencies can expect to see significant HR enhancements, including:

  • Online processing for all HR functionality
  • Streamlined payroll
  • Intuitive user interface for common HR tasks related to employee data changes, time tracking, leave and benefits
  • Convenient mobile application to utilize Workday on-the-go
  • Enhanced process for internal and external job candidates and new hires
  • Easy-to-interpret reporting and analytics to power decision-making

The New Frontier of HR

The recent COVID-19 pandemic exposed challenges that all agencies face to their HR and Payroll infrastructure. As entire agencies were suddenly forced to work from home, HR and Payroll staff struggled to find new ways to manage outdated processes and systems, and some agencies were tasked with dealing directly with the pandemic response. The BrightPath project responds to these and other challenges as we embark on the new frontier of telework. Our new HR system provides a secure platform and 100% digital processes to transfer information. Modernizing our HR systems will allow agencies across the state more flexibility and solutions to respond to any crises in the future. Join us as we build this new future for state employees!

Hear from Oklahoma employees about what the [email protected] implementation means for agencies

BrightPath Testing Stage

As we enter the Testing Stage, the State of Oklahoma is one step closer to successfully implementing Workday, our new human resources information system! During Testing, state representatives validate system configuration for usability and accuracy in various activities. Below the upcoming Testing activities:

  • End-to-End Testing: Identify and resolve any defects as we finalize configuration.
  • Payroll Parallel Testing: Simulate payroll responsibilities and processes to confirm that payroll-related Workday integrations are validated and reconciled for payroll completion and settlement
  • User Acceptance Testing: Confirm that agency end-users can successfully perform relevant tasks.

Please visit the FAQ page for more information about  the BrightPath project.

 Read more about Workday for Government by downloading the Workday HCM for Government Fact Sheet.